42 Incredibly Stunning Aerial Views of The Real Jamaica You Have Never Seen

Here are 42 incredibly stunning aerial shots of the real Jamaica — you have never seen before. From the luxuriant parish of Portland through to the beautiful city of Kingston, to the crystal blue waters in Negril. To truly enjoy the impeccable beauty captured in these large photographs, they are best viewed on a computer.

A panoramic shot of West End Negril, Jamaica. Beautifully captured by Scuba Dive Jamaica

The Appleton Estate located in the picturesque Nassau Valley in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Photo by @blackmuggul

Portland’s coastline. Photo: Warren Weir

Sitting on 11 lush acres in the capital city, the stately Devon House mansion, in St. Andrew, was the home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. It was built in 1881, on what was originally a 51-acre property. Photo: Warren Weir

Montego Bay’s “Hip Strip”, Jamaica. Photo by @BlackMuggul

Approaching the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Photo s.adjani

The Royal Botanical Gardens, commonly called “Hope Gardens”, occupies 200 acres of land in the Ligunaea Plains of urban St Andrew. Photo: Warren Weir

Overlooking Jewel Hotel Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Photo by @BlackMuggul

Rafting along the Rio Grande in Portland. Photo Warren Weir

Spur Tree Hill marks the boundary between Manchester and St Elizabeth Parish and offers spectacular views over the St Elizabeth lowlands. Photo by CoreyMus

Downtown Kingston, Jamaica heading East. Photo by blackmuggul

Overlooking Kingston and St. Andrew. Visible are the National Stadium, National Arena, New Kingston, Downtown Kingston. Photo Warren Weir

New Kingston, St. Andrew by night. Overlooking The Emancipation Park. Photo: Vanni Hinds Photos

The city of Kingston Photo: Warren Weir

Matilda’s Corner, Liguanea, St. Andrew. Photo: Warren Weir

Lucea, a coastal town in Jamaica and the capital of the parish of Hanover. Photo: blackmuggul

Overlooking a little community called Retreat in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland. Photo by @scubadivejamaica

Aerial view of the resort town of Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Photo by @scubadivejamaica

The villas by San san Port Antonio, Portland. Photo: @wings62

Flat Bridge that spans the deceptively mighty Rio Cobre within the Bog Walk Gorge in St CatherineIt is one of the oldest bridges in Jamaica. While it cannot be positively ascertained when this bridge was built, but was definitely constructed after 1724. Photo: Warren Weir

Navy Island, Port Antonio Jamaica. Photo: blackmuggul

The hue from the Sun setting on New Kingston. Photo: blackmuggul

Norbrook, an upscale neighbourhood in St. Andrew. Photo: Coreymus

San san ????????☀️???? Portland. Photo: Coreymus

“People like ants”. Shot of Downtown Kingston shopping district close to South Parade. Photo: blackmuggul

Rain pelts Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Photo: blackmuggul

Overlooking parts of Kingston and Upper St Andrew from an helicopter above the Blue Mountains during summer 2015. Photo: blackmuggul

The Kingston Harbor, Norman Manley International Airport to the right, a section of the Blue Mountains in the back. Photo: mrsammill

Caymanas Estate in St Catherine. Photo by CoreyMus

The Blue Hole Near Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Photo: artisticdesire

Trident Hotel in Portland. Photo by CoreyMus

The country side! Allison district, Located near Bellefield ???????????? in Manchester in west-central Jamaica . Photo: ProudJamaicans

Negril’s Seven Mile Beach, Westmoreland. Photo by @scubadivejamaica

Black Hill, Portland, Jamaica. Photo: CoreyMus

The Rio Grande in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Photo: blackmuggul

Mona community and its Reservoir, the Blue Mountains in the back, St. Andrew. Photo: blackmuggul

From the Mona Reservoir, the Blue Mountains in the back, St. Andrew. Photo: CoreyMus

Aerial Shot of Coastal Towns of Falmouth Photo:blackmuggul

The Negril Treehouse Resort in Westmoreland. Photo: scubadivejamaica

The Black River in St Elizabeth. Photo: blackmuggul

Reverse angle of Downtown and West Kingston, Jamaica. Visible are St William Grant Park, Coronation Market as well as Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals. Photo: blackmuggul