A new "Drinking Book" has pages that turn raw sewage into drinking water

A book with pages that can be torn out to filter drinking water has proved effective in its field trials.

The “drinking book” combines treated papers with printed information on how and why water should be filtered. Its pages contains nanoparticles of silver or copper which kills bacteria in the water as it passes through.

In the trials at 25 contaminated water sources in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh, the papers successfully removed more than 99% of bacteria.

“The  resulting level of contamination are similar to US tap water”, the researchers say. Tiny amounts of silver or copper also leached into the water, but these are well below safety limits.

According to test, one page can clean up to 100 litres of water. A book can filter one person’s  supply for  four years.

Dr. Kyle Doudrick studies sustainable water treatment at the university of Nore Dame in India. He agreed that the book system would be especially  powerful if it tackle  non-bacterial infections, such as, the tiny  parasites Cryptosporidium which recently caused a health scare in Lancashire.

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