Try this Ginger and Spring Onion Chicken

What’s for lunch? Try this Ginger and Spring Onion Chicken from A Saucy Kitchen:

Ginger and Spring Onion Chicken



1 tablespoon oyster sauce

1/2 teaspoon salt & pepper each

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1/3 cup | 80 ml water

1 tablespoon arrowroot starch or cornstarch

Chicken & Veg

1 tablespoon | 15 ml cooking oil

6 oz boneless, skinless chicken breastsliced very thin

1/2 onion sliced (white, brown or yellow)

2 cloves garlic finely chopped

1 tablespoon ginger finely chopped

2 green onions ends removed and cut into 1 inch long pieces


1. Combine the oyster sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, water and starch to a small cup and whisk to combine. Set aside.

2. Warm the oil in a wok or skillet on a high heat. Add the chicken and cook quickly for a minute or two until it’s no longer pink. Transfer the chicken to a small plate and set aside.

3. Add the sliced onions to the same wok/skillet. Add a little more oil if needed and sauté for a minute to soften the onion. Add the ginger and the garlic and cook another minute.

4. Add the chicken back to the wok along with the green onions. Stir fry a minute to finish cooking the chicken.

5. Add the combined sauce to the wok. Cook until the sauce turns into a thicker, saucy consistency.

6. Remove from the heat and serve over rice or noodles and enjoy!

Shawna Chyn’s ‘$2-m body’: Entertainer opens up about cosmetic surgery

Dancehall artiste Shawna Chyn is lighting up the world of Instagram with pictures showing off her bodacious new body.

She is the sexy poster girl of what great body contouring surgery can do for your self-esteem, and your marketability.

Body contouring surgery encompasses a number of different body sculpting techniques used by cosmetic surgeons to reshape almost any area of the body. Through body sculpting surgery, patients can effectively eliminate excess fat and skin that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Cosmetic surgeons employ a variety of body sculpting techniques to help their patients achieve lean, toned figures, including liposuction, tummy tuck, and body lift surgery.

“I took the fat out of my back, belly, armpit and between my legs and put it in my bottom. I am now a 38 cup in my breasts. After the surgery, I was basically a baby again so I had to have a personal nurse for two weeks,” Chyn told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

The entertainer said she had to scrounge hard and budget to be able to ‘squirrel’ away the money to do the multi-million dollar surgery.

“I saved money for a really long time to do this surgery, I put the money in my special wishlist account, and I hid the ATM card so I couldn’t touch it and that’s how I was able to save for my buttlift, tummy tuck and breast enhancement,” she said.

She said she felt motivated to do the surgery as a gift to herself after seeing a close friend’s body laid out on a cold slab.

“That really shook me up and got me moving. Life is short, you got to go after the things you want,” she said.

Chyn actually felt compelled to have the surgery to legitimize her decision to become an artiste, to move from the sidelines as a manager to being the star in front of the camera.

“I did this for me, I have an awesome personality but my confidence was low because I had a chipped tooth, and I had a child so my tummy needed work and my breasts needed work. I just didn’t look like an artiste so I had to fix myself . I did my tooth first and then I did my body,” she explained.

Most people would have been scared to jump on a plane to a foreign country, where they know no one, to tackle a major new Life experience. But Chyn said she was not worried.

“I wasn’t scared about flying to the Dominican Republic to do the operation. It’s not like they were going to knock me out and take out one of my kidneys ,” she said, laughing.

“These guys were real professionals, they checked my vitals, my liver, my cholesterol and then they did the surgery. I woke up the next day as a new person and I stayed there for 14 days while they made sure I was ok.”

Now, the results are there for everyone to see. When she walks into a room, she sucks out all the oxygen with her bodacious new body and her 100 watt smile.

“My confidence is at all time high, my luxury doll body ah mad dem. I get a lot of compliments all the time now, and I can make my awesome personality shine through,” she said.

Final Kartel case management session on Thursday ahead of July 9 appeal

The final case management conference ahead of the July 9 appeal by international dancehall deejay, Adidja Palmer, popularly known as Vybz Kartel, and the three other men who were convicted of murder with him, is set for Thursday of this week.

The session is scheduled as the last exercise before Kartel, along with Shawn Campbell, another entertainer who goes by the stage name, Shawn Storm; and two other co-convicts, Kahira Jones and Andre St John, face the Appeal Court in relation to the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams in August 2011.

The appeal is expected to run for about three weeks.

Reports are that all is already in place for the big day in court on July 9, as the legal groundwork has been done and positioning on the matter between the prosecution and the defence has been established between the two sides.

The four men were convicted of Williams’ murder in March 2014, and were each given life sentences, with the recommended time-frames before eligibility for parole running up to 35 years in the case of Kartel.

Video: Jason McCook makes smoothies business his Main Squeeze

“One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was to create and dream,” says marketer turned entrepreneur, Jason McCook.

It was that attitude, coupled with seeing a demand for naturally blended juices, which led the Jamaica College old boy to set up his business, ‘Main Squeeze’.

Main Squeeze applies the quick-service, food truck concept, except that it sells juices, rather than food. Among the beverages offered are protein shakes, milkshakes, smoothies and pressed juices.

Since setting up shop on Knutstford Boulevard in New Kingston last November, McCook says Main Squeeze has surpassed his expectations, with heavy traffic from varying customers in the busy business district.

Apart from the now trendy concept among Jamaicans to seek out healthy alternatives, McCook believes the application of his marketing skills through the general presentation of the truck has contributed to the customner interest.

“People overall, the taxi men, the security officers, bankers, call centre workers, everybody, from whichever walks of life, are into the healthy options,” McCook told Young People in Business.

He has plans to take Main Squeeze to other parishes, and one day, to set up a store front.

But in the meantime, he is testing new flavours, including Jamaican blends, to put to market as early as this summer.

Check out McCook’s Main Squeeze in the video edited by Richard Baker.


Youngster builds house from wiping windshields

Youngster builds house from wiping windshields

Having had the chance to complete high school, Jamar Christie said he returned to Kingston with the hopes of getting a job. But this was not to be.

However, this did not deter him from trying his best to make something of his life. Having been a windshield cleaner for the past three years, he said that he has been able to build his one-bedroom house.

“Mi spend about $30,000 fi mi house weh me have a Majesty Gardens. Mi can’t afford no other house. Mi just come out yah and hustle some money, cook some food and the man dem help me build the room,” the 21-year-old man said.

Christie told THE STAR that he has made attempts to get other jobs in the Corporate Area, but he had not gotten any positive feedback.


“Mi put in resume a wharf, a factory and me nah get no call, and me just decide to do this in order not to do bad things. A bare empty promises people come wid when dem seh dem have job fi wi, ’cause all now wi out yah can’t get no call,” he said.

Even though he did not have a mother or father to provide for him, he said that he got help from his aunt, who took care of him while he was in Kingston. He explained after finishing high school and returning to Kingston, he was introduced to cleaning windshields by a friend.

“My madda run weh and me fadda deh country, so mi used to stay wid mi auntie inna Majesty Gardens. When mi just come back and nothing nah gwaan, mi siddung one day and mi friend seh him a go mek me start a thing and me follow him. From then, me a do this till today,” he said.

He said the streets is not the best place to be, but it is what puts food on his table.

“More while, me out yah from six inna the morning until six the night. Sometimes mi a sleep and mi just a kick me foot dem to how dem hot from the day’s work. To work out yah, you haffi strong because sometime people come out here wid dem stress and waa tek it out pan yuh. So when yuh see dem people deh, yuh just know seh yuh fi walk far,” he said.

Christie, who does not have any children as yet, said that is something he is not ready for anytime soon.

“Me nuh want no child yet because mi nuh want dem come inna poverty like me. Mi want betta for them, so me nuh ready yet,” he said.

He has dreams of becoming an airline pilot

We are the victims’ – Street side windshield wipers say they are innocent despite barrage of complaints from mainly female motorists

 He has dreams of becoming an airline pilot, but until then, 14-year-old ‘Snuss’ helps his family to survive by cleaning windshield at the Portia Simpson Miller Square in St Andrew.

Last Thursday, Snuss, the youngest of those offering to clean motorists’ windshields in the square, told The Sunday Gleaner that he had skipped school for the day because his mother was at the hospital having a baby.

According to Snuss, he usually leaves his Majesty Gardens house on weekends, when he makes up to $3,000 on a good day.

He was adamant that he was not among those who are aggressive to motorists, particularly the females, who have related horror stories of their clashes with these windshield wipers who can be found offering their services at several stop lights in the Corporate Area.

Few bad apples

Fellow windshield wiper, ‘Indian’, was quick to support his young friend, as he told our news team that it was just a few bad apples causing motorists to give all of them a bad name.

According to Indian, they are generally a peaceful group who are oftentimes the subject of abuse.

“How we fi go to somebody and a look something and a get ignorant first, that nah go happen. You a go look something from somebody a them a go get ignorant first,” said Indian, who has five children depending on him.

“Me might see a girl and she look good, and me might just want give her a free wipe, but she just feel like say we definitely want money but a through she look nice in a the car we would a go over and say, ‘Pretty girl, respect …,’ so she think a money but a through the car dirty we would a give her a little wash,” added Indian.

It was a similar claim from windshield wipers at the intersection of Waterloo and Hope roads outside the historic Devon House. There ‘Mean Boss’ said he has been wiping windshields for five years after not finishing secondary school, and using the money he gets from motorists to support his two daughters.

According to Mean Boss, it is usually the female drivers who are the problem, not them.

“Nobody nah abuse them, a dem too aggressive. When them wake up a morning time, it coming like say a hell them wake up because by the time you put little water pon the car and them say them don’t have any money, we still a try fi give them a wipe. But when them turn on the wiper and make it stay so and a splash water in a the youth dem face and dem thing deh, that no nice,” said Mean Boss.

He pointed to a finger on his left hand which he said was fractured when a woman turned on her wiper while he tried to clean her glass.

Mean Boss scoffed at the explanation that many cars have a sensor which triggers the wiper once the windshield gets wet.

“A she dweet cuz me just barely put some water pon her car and say, ‘Good evening Miss, you want a wipe’. She fi just say no, me nuh want no wipe and mek me assist her and take off back the water,” he argued.

But the women tell a different story. One female motorist last week told The Sunday Gleaner that she was threatened with rape and death after her car automatically turned on the wiper after the windshield was wet by one of the men outside Devon House.

“I saw the face of the devil as he draped his body over the bonnet and threatened me,” said the woman, who added that she was a nervous wreck for all of the day.

Another female recounted how she tried frantically to close her window as one of the windshield wipers sprayed the water from his bottle into her face because she refused his offer to wipe her car glass.

“Something must be done about them. I had to change my route to avoid Devon House, and I try my best not to drive through Portia Simpson Miller Square because I am afraid of them,” said yet another female motorist.

Numerous arrests

But head of the Police Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, seemed to admit defeat as he told The Sunday Gleaner that the issue has been addressed numerous times but the windshield wipers keep coming back.

“When you arrest them and they are taken to the courts they might be sentenced to 10 days or so, then they are back in the zone,” said Allen.

Under the proposed new Police Service Act, members of the police force could be given the power to arrest without warrant with respect to aggressive begging, aggressive vending, loitering and intimidation of individuals, to assist in curbing street crimes such as loader men at transport centres and windshield wipers.

That change could be welcomed by Allen, who argued that, “A lot of the windshield wipers live on the streets, so that’s why it is required that all the critical agencies be on board to see how best we can address these youngsters,” added Allen.

He said most times the motorists who are abused by these windshield wipers are not willing to give a statement to the police, and this is one of the challenges they are having.

“In the meantime, in speaking with the divisional officers, we will see the whole aspect as part of our regular patrol along that particular (Devon Road) corridor,” said Allen.

Acting Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake has also argued that it needs more than policing to deal with the windshield wipers.

“Where are the parents of these little boys who are out there? With the best crime plan in the world, you are going to have these social issues which are putting these children into the crime pool and into gangs. The best police force in the world will not be able to get the desired results,” added Blake, as he addressed Gleaner editors and reporters last Thursday.

KFC suffers from chicken shortage in the UK

KFC-lovers in parts of the UK were dismayed after the company experienced a temporary shortage of chicken due to delivery issues.

The BBC said in a report Monday that hundreds of outlets were closed as a result of a supply disruption.

There are approximately 900 UK restaurants, 80 percent of which are run by franchisees.

KFC chicken was delivered via a South-African owned company called Bidvest, however, due to a change in contract which came into effect last Tuesday, some of the restaurants began running out of chicken.

The company tweeted to followers that the issue should be resolved soon.

“Hi Kevin, We deliver our chicken fresh to our restaurants and unfortunately have had some hiccups with delivery today. We are reluctant to open any restaurants without the full menu available. We’re very sorry but the Colonel is working on getting this fixed,” the company said via Twitter.

“The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants,” KFC said on Twitter



“We’ve brought a new delivery partner onboard, but they’ve had a couple of teething problems – getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex!” it added, apologising to customers for the inconvenience.”

“We won’t compromise on quality, so no deliveries has meant some of our restaurants are closed, and others are operating a limited menu or shortened hours.

The statement listed KFC restaurants that were still open despite the problems.

The distribution network uses software developed by the firm Quick Service Logistics (QSL).

DHL said: “Due to operational issues, a number of deliveries in recent days have been incomplete or delayed. We are working with our partners, KFC and QSL, to rectify the situation as a priority and apologise for any inconvenience.”


Leon Bailey for England? ‘Three Lions’ reportedly eyeing shock call up

Jamaican-born football sensation Leon Bailey may be in line for a shocking call up from England ahead of the World Cup, according to British media.

The 20-year-old, who’s making waves in Europe with his performances for Bayer Leverkusen in the German Bundesliga, reportedly qualifies to represent England by virtue of two grandparents having English passports.

This coupled with Bailey’s refusal to pledge his international future to Jamaica over an ongoing standoff between his adopted father/agent Craig Butler and the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has created an opening for the English FA to lure the highly rated player to the ‘Three Lions’.

“Football Association bosses are understood to be working hard to convince him to represent England at international level,” reported The Sun newspaper based in the United Kingdom.

“(England coach) Gareth Southgate is believed to have sent scouts to watch him in action for Leverkusen this season… And the Kingston-born player is under consideration to be included in the squad for the final two friendly matches before the World Cup squad is named,” according to the report.

It is also being reported that the FA is hoping that Bailey’s strong friendship with England international Raheem Sterling, who is also Jamaican-born, will help their cause.

Bailey has represented Jamaica at the Under-23 level but has refused to make himself available for the senior team amid the continued disagreement between the JFF and Butler.

Butler has repeatedly indicated that he would not allow any players from his Phoenix Academy club to represent Jamaica if he did not have a role in the process.

Last October, Bailey was prevented from representing Jamaica against Saudia Arabia because Butler had pointed out during a meeting with members of the JFF and head coach Theodore Whitmore, that he wanted other players from his club – Phoenix Academy – to be invited to the team.

The meeting ended without any progress as Whitmore pointed out that he was only interested in inviting Bailey to the team.

The winner of the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Reggae album,,,Damian Marley

Damian Marley Wins Grammy for Best Reggae Album

Damian Marley has won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album for ‘Stony Hill‘ at 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony held on Sunday Madison Square Garden in New York City.This marks Damian’s third Grammy. He previously won for Best Reggae Album for Welcome To Jamrock (2006) and Best Urban/Alternative Performance for the said album. His ‘Halfway Tree‘ album received the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

This is the first time since 2003 that the ceremony is held outside Los Angeles.

Here were the nominees

Best Reggae Album

Chronixx, Chronology

Common Kings, Lost in Paradise

J Boog, Wash House Ting

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stony Hill

Morgan Heritage, Avrakedabra

In 2017, Ziggy Marley won his 7th Grammy Award for his self-titled Reggae Album at Grammys in Los Angeles, America. The Marley holds the record for the most wins in this category, with seven wins as of 2017. Morgan Heritage took home the 2016 Grammy, their first.

Shaggy performed duet with American legend Sting “Don’t Make Me Wait” which they first performed at the Shaggy and Friends Concert

Former Miss Jamaica Universe Trudi Ferguson dies

Former Miss Jamaica Universe Trudi Ferguson has died.

Ferguson, who won the Miss Jamaica Universe crown in 1996, died Friday after a battle with breast cancer.

Miss Universe Jamaica made the announcement via Facebook on Saturday, on the same day pageant organisers sent current title holder Davina Bennett off to Las Vegas, Nevada to represent the island in the Miss Universe contest.

“Although we are extremely excited to have sent Miss Universe Jamaica to Las Vegas, in the same breath we are extremely saddened by the passing of Miss Jamaica Universe 1996 Trudi Ferguson. Our heart and prayers go out to her friends and family,” the pageant organisers wrote on Facebook.

There have been an outpouring of tributes to Ferguson on social media since news broke of her passing.