Foota Hype Gets Bashed For Embarrassing Girl At Party-must see video

Dancehall selector Oneil ‘Foota Hype’ Thomas has come under fire after he was caught on camera humiliating a young girl at a party recently.

In the video which has gone viral, the selector is seen embarrassing the girl who claimed she was 17-years-old over her physical appearance in front of a crowd of patrons at the dance.

When Foota Hype was through embarrassing the girl, he told her “from today, yuh name is Ribsy” and fittingly selected Vybz Kartel song for the occasion in which the deejay sings “mi know bout corned beef, mackerel, chicken back, chicken neck noting nah waste, noting nah dash weh.

The video has earned Foota Hype the wrath of the social media with most persons blasting the selector’s behavior as disgraceful.


Ishawna Responds to Cheap Dress Comment

Entertainer Ishawna today hit back at a social media commentator who called her chain dress “CHEAP”.

In response to an article entitled, “who wore it better? Ishawna or Amber Rose”, aggregated several social media entities, in which Ishawna’s chain dress was compared to Laura Dewitt’s chain dress that Amber wore to the red carpet of the MTV VMA’s, several commentators called Ishawna’s ensemble the cheaper version to the dress.

With one commentator taking it as far as to say that the entertainer purchased her chain dress at the arcade.


“Ishawna one obviously buy a arcade”, said one commentator on twitter.

Ishawna responded to the tweet bu saying, “Iwas trying to support your mother she needed the sale.”

An arcade is an informal shopping mall, there are several on the island.

Shebada pitches a moral dilemma:Drug dealer,Rapist or Gay

Actor Shebada forced some of his Facebook fans to pull out their moral compass, as he pitched a moral dilemma in the form of a question, asking parents which would they prefer, a 14-year-old drug dealer, rapist or gay.

“Parents!!!!! Would you rather a 14 years old drug dealer, rapist or 14 and gay?”, said Shebada on Facebook.

The subject matter of homosexuality, in particular, seemed to ruffle some feathers, however because none of the choices were ideal, making the choices very challenging, many fans opted for a 14-year-old gay child, citing that minimum he was hurting no one.

Now we raise the question to you. Which would you prefer?


Shauna Chin Said That Witchcraft Cause The accident

Jamyahnews – There are reports emerging that Shauna Chin, entertainer Gully Bop’s fiancee, was involved in a serious car accident over the party weekend.

Sources say that the accident occurred along the Duncans/Wilshire thoroughfare heading towards Montego Bay, St James.

The car was reportedly headed towards Montego Bay before the driver lost control. Two other passengers were in the motor vehicle at the time of the accident. Eyewitnesses say that Shauna Chin has a big gash on her head, and other facial injuries. She was rushed to the hospital and admitted in a serious condition. However, she was lucid and communicative after the accident, according to reports.

Sources in Shauna Chin’s camp believe that “witchcraft is at work”.

“No man, nutten coulden go so. One minute, dem a drive good good and the next minute, the car crash and write off, ah witchcraft this, ah pure obeah inna the music business,” one source close to Gully Bop’s camp, said.

Nicki Minaj Introduces Boyfriend Meek Mill On Stage As Her "Babyfather"

Nicki Minaj has hinted she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Meek Mill.

The 32-year-old singer poured cold water over rumours the pair had split and stunned everyone by referring to the rapper as her “baby father”.


She was performing in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on Friday night, when she introduced Meek on stage, who is opening for her Pinkprint Tour, telling the crowd: “Make some noise for my baby father!”

Thousands of fans started screaming at the First Niagara Pavilion and the Anaconda star and video footage shows her boyfriend fist pumping the air as he comes on.

The pair have been dating since February and Nicki is yet to address the rumours after followers got very excited on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj And Meek Have Officially Decided To Call It Quits

One posted: “Wait i did hear correct that Nicki Minaj is pregnant???? (sic).”

However, the star did re-tweet a fan video of the moment and added a number of smiling crying emoticons next to the post on the social media site – which might mean she was kidding.

Lady Saw and Beenie Man Rule Chug It

THURSDAY night’s Chug It at Sugar Man’s Beach in Portmore, St Catherine, the second of the ASPIRE Flex Week event, lived up to its billing of celebrating dancehall culture.

The event brought together two of the biggest names in the genre, Beenie Man and Lady Saw, for a performance that had the massive crowd going wild.

With the venue filled to capacity, Lady Saw was the first to take the stage. Knowing her audience, she made no bones about heading into ‘raw as ever’ mode, dishing out lyrics promoting female power and sexuality. Both topics garnered nothing but the loudest response from the ladies in the audience. Eventually she moved beyond that bringing the men in as well as she got around to her long catalogue of hits. In one quick moment, the self-styled Queen of the Dancehall went from songs like Man Is The Least to teasing the male patrons with her suggestive dancing and freestyles.

Then she went quiet, but only for a moment as Beenie Man, who was scheduled to perform after joined her on stage. The doubling of the star power drove the crowd wild as both joined their musical talents. Beenie Man easily had the audience eating out of his hand. Acknowledging Lady Saw’s presence on stage, the two spent the night riffing off each other, finishing each other’s songs, and performing various hits they shared together on the same rhythm like Matie and Stab Out Mi Meat.

ASPIRE Flex Week continues this weekend in Portmore, with Levels today at Board Walk Beach, and the party series finale Frenchbook Live, on Sunday at Fort Clarence Beach.

No More Broke Or Mean Men, Ishawna Thankful For The New BMW While performing at a stage show in Ocho Rios, Ishawna told fans she is finished with broke and mean men.

The entertainer shared a clip from the stage-show, held at the Ocho Rios Transportation Centre, on her Facebook page, she captioned the video, “Yuh si dat?! No more bruck man or mean man to wi Ooh la la!!!! Yea a dat wi say.”

Based on the video it seems that the message was well received as the audience screamed in agreement.

Ishawna’s confident new attitude comes on the heels of a pervious Facebook message in which she expresses her gratitude to her label, Downsound Records, as she received a new BMW from the company’s CEO.

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Listen to Tommy Lee Lawyer Blast Police For Calling The Artiste 'Gangster'

Lawyer representing Dancehall Entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta, Attorney At Law Ernest Smith, has blasted the Police for linking the Artiste to a gang and banning him from performing across various parish in the country.

Tommy Lee Sparta, earlier this week, spoke out on the issue in a lengthy release, stating that among other things, that he’s not a criminal, and that he has been “stereotyped and misrepresented with a view of being a person of interest by the authorities”.

Attorney At Law says this matter will be taken to the Supreme court, as these statement breaches “Tommy Lee’s Constitutional rights” as a law abiding citizen.

Nicki Minaj To Launch Mobile Game

Nicki Minaj is launching her own mobile game. The anaconda rapper is following in the foot step of keeping up with the Kardashian’s star Kim Kardashian West by creating the app, which is expected to be a similar to the the TV personality’s ‘Kim Kardashian Hollywood’ game.

Announcing the news, the CEO of Glu-which is developing the game-Niccolo de Masi said, “I am thrilled to welcome the undisputed queen of hip hop, Nicki Minaj to Glu’s growing list of celebrity partners. Nicki Minaj brings Glu her audience of more than 100 million social followers and a new music category. We look forward to combining Nicki’s distinctive style and massive global appeal with Glu’s celebrity social gaming expertise”.

The 32-year-old musician’s game is set to launch next summer and will include her likeness, voice and “creative attention” according to a statement from the company.

Professor Nuts Better Lyricist Than Vybz Kartel?

Dancehall legend Shabba Ranks says Professor Nuts is the most lyrical deejay of all time-better than Vybz Kartel, the artiste many consider worthy of the label.

Shabba shared his thoughts with opposition leader Andrew Holness in a video interview carried on the politician’s youtube page, but the two time grammy award winner deejay would have none of it.

“Mi nuh get you, Professor nuts is the best lyricist we’ve ever produced”, Shabba said.

Holness said he liked Professor Nuts who he described as “funny and witty”, but explained that he thinks Kartel is the best lyricist because “just the way he uses the language”.