Do We Really Love Jamaica?

“I am Jamaican. I love Jamaica” are words used conveniently.

It is funny that as some people leave this soil they view Jamaica with disdain and all they can seem to highlight about us are the negatives.

The international media is always quick to broadcast the negatives in the world, especially in Third World countries, so why would a true Jamaican do the same?

While there are so many things that are wrong about us, there are so many things that are right.

Why can’t we be ambassadors and highlight the good about us?

Jamaicans all over the world are doing well is so many areas and making so much contribution to the world.It matters not how small it is. It is an opportunity to change the perception that exists in the minds of many.

Jamaicans at home are doing just as well. And I am not talking about our athletes and musicians only.

The fact is, we point fingers at others and what they have done or not done to mar our development without realizing that when we continue to sing the negatives, we are no different.

All we do is fuel the negative that exist about our beloved Jamaica.


While some things are out of our immediate control, and we cannot twist the arms of our politicians, we certainly can contribute to this country’s development by changing the perception that exists out there.

If we really love Jamaica, we would be true ambassadors and let the world know that this little island in the sun is not defined by the negativity that is promulgated about it, but is also defined by all its positive traits.

That is the only way we can truly utter the statement “Jamaica, land we love”.

Facts about Jamaica

Facts about Jamaica

Official Name: Jamaica

Capital City:Kingston

Size:4,411 square miles. Slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut in the U.S.
Length:146 miles
Width: 22-51 miles
Population: 2,605,800 (July 2000 estimate).
Population of a few selected cities:Kingston, 800,000; Montego Bay, 82,000; Mandeville, 13,681; Port Antonio, 10,426; Ocho Rios, 5,851; Negril, 1,166
Annual population growth rate:0.46%
Average Temperature: 82° F
Climate: Tropical. Hot, Humid, temperate interior.
Average Rainfall:78 inches annually
Population: 2.6 million (July 2000 estimate).


Ethnic Groups:Black (90.9%), mixed (7.3%), East Indian (1.3%), white (0.2%), Chinese (0.2%)

Natural Resources: Bauxite, gypsum and limestone.

Principal exports: Bauxite and alumnia, apparel, sugar, bananas, coffee, citrus and citrus products, rum, cocoa.

Major Trading partners: Consumer Goods, construction materials, electrical equipment, food, fuel, machinery and transportation equipment.

Exchange Rate: Approximately $86 Jamaican dollars is equal to $1 US dollar. See the latest exchange rate.

GDP per capitia: US3,350 (purchasing power parity)

Head of State: The head of state is the governor-general, who is appointed by the monarch of England.

Head of Government: The head of government in Jamaica is the Prime Minister who is elected by the Jamaican people. The prime minister is the leader of the majority party in the House of Representatives.

Language: The official language is English but Patois, a dialect, is widely spoken across the island

Flag: The Jamaican flag has 3 colors, green, black and gold. Black stands for hardships overcome and to be faced; Gold, for natural wealth and beauty of sunlight; and Green stands for hope and agricultural resources.

Money:The money in Jamaica is called Jamaican Dollars (JMD). Bank notes are issued for the following amounts $50, $100, $500, $1000. The heads of famous Jamaican people appear on the notes. One Jamaican dollar is equal to about $0.01 USD US dollars. The exchange rates change everyday. Click here for a Currency Converter.

There are 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents 1 dollar, 10 dollar and 20-dollar coins. The heads of famous Jamaican people also appear on the back of the coins.

Religion: The majority of Jamaica are Christian. Children learn about God and the bible at public school. They also have public prayer in school.

Some things Jamaica is well known for:

  • Blue Mountain Coffee
  • The Jamaican Bobsled team
  • Reggae Music and Bob Marley
  • Jerk Sauce
  • The Beautiful beaches and coral reefs

Think you know yard? Facts about Jamaica you never knew

Think you know everything there is to know about Jamaica?

Think again.

1. Jamaica was the first country in this region to launch a website. In 1994, Jamaica launched the website, the website has since be renamed

2. Jamaica has 570 types of fern species; this is the world’s largest number of ferns.

3. Jamaica was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to construct a railway. Yes, long before the United States.

4. The ‘Tody’ ( (Todus todus) bird can only be found in Jamaica.

5. A Jamaican woman, Cicely Williams, identified the disease known as Kwashiorkor.

6. Jamaica first participated at the Olympic Games in 1948.

7. Jamaica was the first English speaking country from the Caribbean to ever qualify for the World Cup finals

8. Last year Jamaica broke the Guinness World Record for the most books donated to charity in a seven-day period.

9. Jamaica is home to the second largest butterfly in the world, the Giant Swallowtail.


10. The Manchester Golf Club, established in 1868, is the oldest club of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

11. Falmouth had running water before New York City.

Which fact surprised you the most?

Top 5 popular Jamaican bush teas

With all the prescriptions and over the counter remedies we use, it is hard to imagine that cures for our ailments once came from the bush. Our parents even insisted that these foul tasting concoctions were good for us. Well, some bush teas actually do bring health benefits. As Bob Marley said, “Herb is the healing of the nation”. Here are five popular bush teas from our unscientific poll.

1. Ceracee

Often used as a “wash out,” Ceracee also helps to cure other health issues. One doctor was quoted saying that using the leaves for a bath clears up eczema & other rashes. Ceracee is rich in vitamins A & C, phosphorous & alkaloids. That mean it aids in protecting your body against worms, the common cold, malaria & even diabetes.

2. Jack in the Bush (Jack’na Bush)

jack'na bush-200x200

This tea is full of amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and its crushed leaves can treat cuts and bruises. Jack in the Bush contains Alpha-pinene properties that eliminate infections and promote healing, and boiled it can be consumed for the common cold, fever and influenza.

3. Guinea Hen weed
guinea hen weed-560x298
Modern scientific research says this plant stimulates the immune system by producing lymphocytes, which are disease-destroying cells. The weed is also said to impede the growth of many cancer and leukemia cells. Most often, it is boiled as a common remedy for cold. Place the crushed leaves in your hat or head tie to relieve headaches.

4. Devil’s Horsewhip

Devil's horsewhip-250x188
One doesn’t imagine this tea tasting pretty. Brewed from a plant with thorn like buds, a cup of this concoction can get rid of fever, nausea and even diarrhea. Inhaling the smoke of the burning plant is said to relieve coughing fits.

5. Leaf of Life
leaf of life-200x267
Leaf of Life is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Placing heated leaves on infected areas can reduce swelling and abscess. One animal testing study found Leaf of Life exhibited pain relieving and anti-diabetic properties. It is often boiled and consumed as tea to treat the common cold, influenza and severe coughs. But many people prefer to extract the juices and consume it with salt.

Worthy Mention
Among its myriad health benefits, the Papaya leaf can reduce symptoms brought on by the chikungunya virus and dengue fever.

Why Women Shouldn’t Send Men Naked Pictures

When a girl sends a man her naked picture… he gets excited… (pun intended)… because it shows that she really likes him. It strokes his ego, and it’s very useful when he’s about to knock one out. Men are drawn to racy women… it’s just our nature.

In the same breath, some women love the thrill of exchanging these types of pictures (or videos). And the reality is … women have become more open about bedroom activities. Perhaps you may disagree with the statement but the astronomical sales of Fifty Shades of Grey suggests otherwise. But of course, women only read the book… or watch the movie… because they are “curious”.

Curious my ass – they’re living vicariously through that movie.

A few women will voluntarily send their pictures to men because they know it will turn them on, while other women will send stuff because their boyfriends asked for it. And then in some cases, some women will send it because their boyfriends demanded it. So, although she was hesitant at first… he pressured her, made her feel guilty… until she caved in.

Whether she voluntarily sent pictures or she was forced to do soshe’s left herself exposed. When there’s a break-up, her boyfriend may turn out to be an asshole and post her pictures to be vindictive. Or, her device may be stolen… and the thief may have access to the classified photos. It’s also possible that her computer may be hacked by someone who wants to be mischievous. And the list goes on.

If her picture is released, few will sympathise with her. People will say all kinds of things – “She’s so stupid”, “What a whore”, “Ediat gyal” etc. And it’s doesn’t matter how strong she is, if her pics are all over the internet, it’s enough to break her down and reduce her to tears.

There may also be ramifications at her job. People may view her differently… think less of her. It may even ruin her chance at a promotion. It’s a tough reality to face. She also has to contend with the embarrassment that she may have caused some family members… especially if she has a child… or if she has a younger sibling who looks up to her.

If a man really cares about his girl, he needs to be mindful of the risks associated with naked pictures and videos. His satisfaction can’t take precedence over her reputation. Men need to live by this mantra. We also should not applaud the men who maliciously ruin the lives of women.

It’s natural to want to see these sexy pictures but it should be more natural for us to want to protect our women.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know it’s unlikely that pictures will end up on the internet. But you can’t play percentage games with someone’s future. It’s not worth it.

And the truth is… the best memories are never captured on camera. No matter how old you get, there are some things that you will never forget. They will remain as vivid as ever, they will always be embedded in your thoughts. And you won’t need a picture or video to remember the details.

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10 Best Wedding Locations in Jamaica


Looking for the perfect spot on the island to have a wonderful life experience while tying the knot or jumping the broom?

One of these locations is likely to be the venue of your dreams and the perfect spot to exchange vows:


1) On the beach – pick a beach, any beach, from Negril to Port Antonio (i.e. from one end of the island to the other) a beach wedding in Jamaica is always a dream wedding

2) On the cliffs in Negril – imagine exchanging vows on cliffs overlooking the beautiful, deep blue Caribbean Sea, with the setting sun as a backdrop.

3) Firefly in St. Mary – located in the hills of St.Mary with an awesome view overlooking the sea, is the old vacation home of Sir Noël Peirce Coward, a British playwright, composer, director, actor and singer. The home and its expansive yard have been the venue for many beautiful weddings.

4) Strawberry Hill – located in the hills above Kingston, is the exclusive Strawberry Hill boutique hotel, with an awesome view of wedding perfectness.

5) Treasure Beach – one of the most laid back places you’ll ever find. Pick a villa and say your vows.

6) Good Hope Estate – looking for a rustic, old world type venue? Centuries ago, Good Hope was a sugar cane plantation. Now, its great house and lawn could be the venue for your perfect wedding.

7) Geejam – an exclusive boutique hotel that is perfect for small weddings.

8) Sandals & Beaches Resorts – world renown for their weddings-in-a box.

9) Hope Gardens – one of the most well-kept green areas in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston.

10) Lovers’ Leap – a 1700 foot-high cliff overlooking the sea with a beautiful love story to go with it.

12 signs that you were raised by Jamaican grandparents.

No matter what part of the world you are right now, there are just some things that will never depart from you, one of which is what is learnt or adapted from your Jamaican grandparents.

You know you were raised by Jamaican grandparents if:

1) You constantly use old Jamaican proverbs for emphasis or reference. “a nuh every kin teet a laugh”

2) Every one says that you are miserable. It is thought that one adapts the trait of becoming easily upset. “a muss u granny yuh grow wid mek yuh miserable suh”

3) You are familiar with a thousand bush remedies that cure everything from as small as the common cold. “drink sum leaf a life, by tomorrow mawning d rash clear off”

4) At least once in your life, you used an enamel “chimmey” and had to make sure not to drop it when you are carrying it.

5) You have a bottle of alcohol, a jar of Vick’s vapor rub, olive oil, and oil of peppermint on your bureau.

6) You have/ had days specific for food. Eg on Mondays only a different meat was cooked but the rice was reheated from Sunday’s cooking (sundeh-mondeh), Fridays were fast food days, Saturdays were soup days and Sundays were, of course, rice and peas (or gungo rice) with up to 3 different kinds of meat.

7) You used to get “worm out” when there was a full moon.

8) You have seen a Macdonald Farmer’s book. Especially for grandparents who were farmers, this was a necessity of the household.

9) You have weird means of gauging time. “Doh mek mi spit dry and yuh nuh come back from shop!”

10) You used to get “granny plats” to go to school.

11) The yard is always swept on a Sunday.

12) If you own a grater and blender. No matter what, a grandparent’s coconut has to be grated and ‘juiced’.


10 Things Jamaican men can get away with that Women Can’t

1. A Jamaican man can have as many ‘outside’ children as he likes and his wife is expected to forgive him and continue the relationship. This is a big issue since if a woman within a relationship gets pregnant for an ‘outside’ man, the relationship is over. Very few Jamaican men will stay with a woman “who annodda” man impregnated. Men who do so are considered fools and lose respect from their male peers. People might say women who stay in these relationships have a choice to leave but in reality some do not. Before you condemn these women, be mindful of the facts, never react without knowledge of their situations.

2. A man can sleep with as many women as he likes and still be considered a very eligible partner while if a woman has been around the “block” a couple times, she is no longer ‘marriage material’. This might only be a perception for women with less virtuous reputations and a history of promiscuity do end up with a good partners. What is trash to one man is gold to another. It is unfair that women are not allowed by social sanctioning to play the field as much as men without any form of reproach. A woman cannot do what a man does and still be a lady.
double standards Jamaican men cheaters
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3. A Jamaican man is not expected to wash underwear. As a matter of fact, a lot of men within the lower economical class stress the notion of not having their rags in the same basin as a woman’s panties. While women will wash a man’s undergarments. Some men will not even put panties on the line or take them off. To wash female underwear is considered emasculating while female’s washing a man’s brief is seen as traditional.

4. A man can stay out all night and all day if he likes but if a woman decides to live this “pon the road” lifestyle, men complain. It was only recently a female acquaintance explained that her man will go to work, come home and leave again to chill with his friends. She said that she decided to give him a piece of his own medicine by stepping in and out as she liked and spending less time at home. She said he claimed that she was not living a “good gyal lifestyle” and was becoming a “road terrorist”. He found it unpleasant the idea that a woman could love the road as much as him and he might not be alone in this perception.

5. Men are not chastised as much when they abandon children but women are considered lower than the bottom when they leave their children. It is widely assumed that women have a more intense bond with children due to pregnancy and only a heartless woman could leave her child. Men can pass their children on the streets without as much as a glance but a mother is suppose to be committed to her children. Men can spend less time with their offspring, refuse to attend school meetings, have zero contact and it is accepted with little to no reprimand.

6. When a man remarries he can bring his new wife to the house he shared with his previous partner. Women especially if the house was built by their first partner are not expected to bring another man into the home. She can live there with the children as long as she does not bring any man there. A woman will help a man build a house and he will throw her out and bring in another woman while if a man builds a house with a woman and the relationship goes sour, he will insist that “no man nah live a him yard“

7. When a man likes a woman, she is expected to like him back but if a woman crushes on a man and he is not interested she is expected to leave him alone. A man will ‘psst’ at a female and if she refuses to give him any attention, he will pursue, insult and even manhandle her. If a woman likes a man and he is not interested and he makes his disinterest known, the woman is suppose to give up and leave him alone. Why can’t men leave a women alone when they show they are not interested?

8. Men who insist that they do not eat and yet expect women to eat (from) them. Oral sex has always been an issue that highlights the hypocrisy of some Jamaican men. Not all men are uncomfortable and some will admit that they will do it but a vast majority will “nyam bible leaf” that they do not believe in men doing oral sex yet seem to enjoy receiving it from a female. How can you enjoy something you do not see yourself doing? That is just plain hypocrisy. Like Kartel bashing Lisa Hype and then endorsing the same concept in his later music.

9. This ties in with number one. Many Jamaican men love to give bun (cheat) and expect their women to forgive and move on. A man will insist that the woman ‘get over it’ and stop nagging him about his indiscretion. Now make him a get a bun and it’s a whole different scenario. He will cuss, bawl and wail over the alleged cheating and find it very difficult to forgive his woman. His friends who had no qualms about encouraging him to cheat will say ” Don’t be no Bottle torch or One Burner” will boost him to leave him woman cause “the gyal diss him”. So hypocritical.

10. The Jamaican man can carry himself any way in a relationship but not so for females. Men think they deserve the most beautiful and sexiest girls and want to carry themselves as them feel like. Men say it is their spending power that a woman is attracted to and not their bodies so they can come with “big belly, face full a hair and two days don’t bathe or brush teeth” and females are suppose to accept it once they are spending their money. Women now have to be perfect in every way and less attractive men will call girls ugly and fat when they have big belly, no teeth and dirty clothes swag.

Five Things you can say to get a Jamaican Woman In Bed

(3 Jamaica) 5 Things you can say to get a Jamaican Woman In Bed
It is said that Most males from countries outside of Jamaica crave the experience of having a Jamaican female in bed.
This is so because most Jamaican females know just how to make a man feel good in bed.
Every year tourists flock the small island to try their luck in seducing and charming a Jamaican woman out of her clothes and into bed, some are successful in there attempts while a few fail.

A fraction of the successful ones are said to have spent their money on cheap whores, but does that really count?
Talking a Jamaican woman into getting in bed with you can be really tricky and on the other hand it can be a piece of cake, depending on the approach and the ones approached.
Here are 5 things you can say to get a Jamaican woman in bed.
1.Tell her you love her and you want to settle down and start a serious family with her.

2. Tell her you want to fulfill all her fantasies and Take her to places she has never seen before.

3. Tell her you want to financially secure her and take away all her debts if she has any.

4. Tell her You want to Marry her and keep her as your queen.

5. Tell her Straight up you want to have sex with her however, this may only work if she finds you attractive and interesting.
Most Jamaican women like a man who knows how to take charge, they also go for men who are financially stable and can bring stability, comfort and luxury to their life.

Getting a Jamaican woman into bed is not easy but if you play your cards right and be the man that they are craving then you won’t have a problem.

Top 5 Games Jamaican Children Played back in the days

If you grew up in Jamaica, before the virtual age became so prominent, these games took precedence to everything in a child’s social life. These are some Jamaican children games:

DANDY SHANDY – Played with three (3) children at a time, dandy shandy requires a lot of physical energy and speed. 2 persons will act be the pitchers while the third person stands in the middle. The game begins as one the pitchers try to hit the person in the middle with the ball, the middle player tries to stay in the game by hopping, skipping and twirling to steer clear of the ball. The second pitcher catches the missed balls and the game continues until the player is outed and changed.

CHINESE SKIP – The game requires a minimum of 3 persons; 2 persons will hold the rope and place it at the designated levels while the third person jumps. The first level begins with the rope around the ankles of two players about 4ft apart, the third person jumps and lands on the rope. The levels get harder as the rope is raised to the calves, knees, thighs, and waists respectively (providing the jumper passes each stage). Jamaican children, of course, took it up a notch and created the armpit and neck levels! Yes, there are jumpers who passed them!

123 REDLIGHT – The leader turns his back and counts “1,2,3, REDLIGHT!” Players have until the count of 3 to close as much distance between themselves and the leader as possible, when the reader says “REDLIGHT” and turns around, every player who is still moving has to return to the starting point and begin again. The first player to reach to the leader and touch him, while his back is still turned, is the winner!

STUCK AND PULL – One team of about 4 persons will be at the base (safe zone) while the other team spreads out in the open. One person from the base runs off and the opposing players try to stuck him. A team mate will then have to run (all the while trying not to get stuck) to pull you then you both try to get back to the base without being stuck. The game continues and rotates when all players are stuck.

MARBLES – Whether you are a male or female, you have to admit that at some point of your childhood you had a collection of marbles both small and huge. This game was the only down and dirty we knew, as we got on all fours and tried to knock our opponent’s marble from the ring.