M16 riffles found in St. James

Members of the security forces  have found four M16 rifles and 120 rounds of ammunition in bushes in St James.

Four magazines, three ‘police’ vests and one resembling those worn by members of the army were found according to police sources.

They were found hidden in a rugged, hilly section of a community called Rocky Hill, near Ramble.

No arrest has been made.

The police and the army have been intensifying security operations in St James, now under a state of public emergency as part of efforts to recover illegal guns and reduce murders.


Another fatality in Trelawny

Three persons were confirmed dead following the two motor vehicle collision on the Duncans Bypass in Trelawny on Monday afternoon.

This collision involved a white Nissan Tiida motorcar and a red Toyota Wish. The Tiida was heading into Falmouth and the Wish was heading to Discovery Bay, St. Ann when the crash occurred.

The Nissan Tiida reportedly hit a wall then burst into flames. Two of its passengers were burnt beyond recognition. Three fire units were at the scene of the crash to extinguish the blaze.

An elderly woman, who was flung from the Toyota Wish, also died.

The driver of the Toyota Wish and three others were taken to hospital by passersby.

He has dreams of becoming an airline pilot

We are the victims’ – Street side windshield wipers say they are innocent despite barrage of complaints from mainly female motorists

 He has dreams of becoming an airline pilot, but until then, 14-year-old ‘Snuss’ helps his family to survive by cleaning windshield at the Portia Simpson Miller Square in St Andrew.

Last Thursday, Snuss, the youngest of those offering to clean motorists’ windshields in the square, told The Sunday Gleaner that he had skipped school for the day because his mother was at the hospital having a baby.

According to Snuss, he usually leaves his Majesty Gardens house on weekends, when he makes up to $3,000 on a good day.

He was adamant that he was not among those who are aggressive to motorists, particularly the females, who have related horror stories of their clashes with these windshield wipers who can be found offering their services at several stop lights in the Corporate Area.

Few bad apples

Fellow windshield wiper, ‘Indian’, was quick to support his young friend, as he told our news team that it was just a few bad apples causing motorists to give all of them a bad name.

According to Indian, they are generally a peaceful group who are oftentimes the subject of abuse.

“How we fi go to somebody and a look something and a get ignorant first, that nah go happen. You a go look something from somebody a them a go get ignorant first,” said Indian, who has five children depending on him.

“Me might see a girl and she look good, and me might just want give her a free wipe, but she just feel like say we definitely want money but a through she look nice in a the car we would a go over and say, ‘Pretty girl, respect …,’ so she think a money but a through the car dirty we would a give her a little wash,” added Indian.

It was a similar claim from windshield wipers at the intersection of Waterloo and Hope roads outside the historic Devon House. There ‘Mean Boss’ said he has been wiping windshields for five years after not finishing secondary school, and using the money he gets from motorists to support his two daughters.

According to Mean Boss, it is usually the female drivers who are the problem, not them.

“Nobody nah abuse them, a dem too aggressive. When them wake up a morning time, it coming like say a hell them wake up because by the time you put little water pon the car and them say them don’t have any money, we still a try fi give them a wipe. But when them turn on the wiper and make it stay so and a splash water in a the youth dem face and dem thing deh, that no nice,” said Mean Boss.

He pointed to a finger on his left hand which he said was fractured when a woman turned on her wiper while he tried to clean her glass.

Mean Boss scoffed at the explanation that many cars have a sensor which triggers the wiper once the windshield gets wet.

“A she dweet cuz me just barely put some water pon her car and say, ‘Good evening Miss, you want a wipe’. She fi just say no, me nuh want no wipe and mek me assist her and take off back the water,” he argued.

But the women tell a different story. One female motorist last week told The Sunday Gleaner that she was threatened with rape and death after her car automatically turned on the wiper after the windshield was wet by one of the men outside Devon House.

“I saw the face of the devil as he draped his body over the bonnet and threatened me,” said the woman, who added that she was a nervous wreck for all of the day.

Another female recounted how she tried frantically to close her window as one of the windshield wipers sprayed the water from his bottle into her face because she refused his offer to wipe her car glass.

“Something must be done about them. I had to change my route to avoid Devon House, and I try my best not to drive through Portia Simpson Miller Square because I am afraid of them,” said yet another female motorist.

Numerous arrests

But head of the Police Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, seemed to admit defeat as he told The Sunday Gleaner that the issue has been addressed numerous times but the windshield wipers keep coming back.

“When you arrest them and they are taken to the courts they might be sentenced to 10 days or so, then they are back in the zone,” said Allen.

Under the proposed new Police Service Act, members of the police force could be given the power to arrest without warrant with respect to aggressive begging, aggressive vending, loitering and intimidation of individuals, to assist in curbing street crimes such as loader men at transport centres and windshield wipers.

That change could be welcomed by Allen, who argued that, “A lot of the windshield wipers live on the streets, so that’s why it is required that all the critical agencies be on board to see how best we can address these youngsters,” added Allen.

He said most times the motorists who are abused by these windshield wipers are not willing to give a statement to the police, and this is one of the challenges they are having.

“In the meantime, in speaking with the divisional officers, we will see the whole aspect as part of our regular patrol along that particular (Devon Road) corridor,” said Allen.

Acting Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake has also argued that it needs more than policing to deal with the windshield wipers.

“Where are the parents of these little boys who are out there? With the best crime plan in the world, you are going to have these social issues which are putting these children into the crime pool and into gangs. The best police force in the world will not be able to get the desired results,” added Blake, as he addressed Gleaner editors and reporters last Thursday.

KFC suffers from chicken shortage in the UK

KFC-lovers in parts of the UK were dismayed after the company experienced a temporary shortage of chicken due to delivery issues.

The BBC said in a report Monday that hundreds of outlets were closed as a result of a supply disruption.

There are approximately 900 UK restaurants, 80 percent of which are run by franchisees.

KFC chicken was delivered via a South-African owned company called Bidvest, however, due to a change in contract which came into effect last Tuesday, some of the restaurants began running out of chicken.

The company tweeted to followers that the issue should be resolved soon.

“Hi Kevin, We deliver our chicken fresh to our restaurants and unfortunately have had some hiccups with delivery today. We are reluctant to open any restaurants without the full menu available. We’re very sorry but the Colonel is working on getting this fixed,” the company said via Twitter.

“The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants,” KFC said on Twitter



“We’ve brought a new delivery partner onboard, but they’ve had a couple of teething problems – getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex!” it added, apologising to customers for the inconvenience.”

“We won’t compromise on quality, so no deliveries has meant some of our restaurants are closed, and others are operating a limited menu or shortened hours.

The statement listed KFC restaurants that were still open despite the problems.

The distribution network uses software developed by the firm Quick Service Logistics (QSL).

DHL said: “Due to operational issues, a number of deliveries in recent days have been incomplete or delayed. We are working with our partners, KFC and QSL, to rectify the situation as a priority and apologise for any inconvenience.”


The winner of the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Reggae album,,,Damian Marley

Damian Marley Wins Grammy for Best Reggae Album

Damian Marley has won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album for ‘Stony Hill‘ at 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony held on Sunday Madison Square Garden in New York City.This marks Damian’s third Grammy. He previously won for Best Reggae Album for Welcome To Jamrock (2006) and Best Urban/Alternative Performance for the said album. His ‘Halfway Tree‘ album received the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

This is the first time since 2003 that the ceremony is held outside Los Angeles.

Here were the nominees

Best Reggae Album

Chronixx, Chronology

Common Kings, Lost in Paradise

J Boog, Wash House Ting

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stony Hill

Morgan Heritage, Avrakedabra

In 2017, Ziggy Marley won his 7th Grammy Award for his self-titled Reggae Album at Grammys in Los Angeles, America. The Marley holds the record for the most wins in this category, with seven wins as of 2017. Morgan Heritage took home the 2016 Grammy, their first.

Shaggy performed duet with American legend Sting “Don’t Make Me Wait” which they first performed at the Shaggy and Friends Concert

School children got stuck in bus in Mandeville

School children got stuck in bus in Mandeville car park at willogate beside Manchester high school

Sheryl Pasco So de bus man no know say a so it flood out when rain fall
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22 Injured After Bomb Attack On London Subway Train

London was hit by a terrorist attack on Friday morning when a crude device exploded on a Tube train at Parsons Green station.

Passengers reported an explosion in a carriage of the train shortly after 8 a.m., during the morning rush hour. Several people appeared to have burn injuries.

Health officials say the number of people injured in the bombing is now at 22. None of the injuries is thought to be serious or life-threatening.

According to Terrorism analyst Magnus Ranstorp with the Swedish Defense University, Londoners have been very fortunate because the bomb placed on a subway appears not to have fully detonated.

British police say no one has been arrested in connection with a bombing on a London subway train, but hundreds of detectives are at work trying to hunt down the perpetrator or perpetrators.

London has been targeted by attackers several times this year, with vehicle attacks near Parliament, on London Bridge and near a mosque in Finsbury Park in north London.

Medical Doctor Stabbed to Death In Her St. Andrew Home

Medical doctor Sonya-Kay Forbes, 40, was found dead at her St Andrew home yesterday evening.

She was an ophthalmologist at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Reports from the Half Way Tree police are that a relative stumbled upon the body about 7:19 pm and alerted them.

On their arrival, Forbes was seen lying on the floor of her bedroom with a stab wound to her abdomen. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Investigations continue.

Digicel ready for Hurricane Irma

With the potential threat of Hurricane Irma bearing down on the Leeward Islands and northern Caribbean over the next couple of days, Digicel has put its hurricane contingency plan into high gear and has ensured that everything is in place to best manage the events of the coming days.

Specifically, Digicel has ensured that all of its cell sites across the islands are in good order and ready to go.

Digicel has also made available into the market a significant amount of extra credit in order to ensure that customers can stay connected.

Digicel’s Crisis Management Team will continue to monitor and track the tropical storm as it forms and gathers strength.

In urging everyone to do all they can to prepare for the storm and to stay safe, Group CTO of Digicel, Krishna Phillips, comments; “Our primary concern is the safety of the people of the Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Martin, Dominica, The British Virgin Islands, The Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti, and that we keep them connected to friends and family no matter what. We would like to take this opportunity to remind people to take the necessary steps to prepare for the storm by stocking up on basic items, securing their homes, keeping their phones charged and topped up so that they can communicate with their loved ones.”

He continues; “Likewise, we have done everything possible to ensure that we are ready to weather the storm and have mobilised our technical teams and field engineers across the island.”

Digicel Group is a total communications and entertainment provider with operations in 31 markets throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific.

Hurricane IrmaIn this geocolor image captured by GOES-16 and released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Irma, a potentially catastrophic category 5 hurricane, moves westward, Tuesday morning, Sept. 5, 2017, in the Atlantic Ocean toward the Leeward Islands.

Digicel also runs a host of community-based initiatives across its markets, including Digicel Foundations in Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago which focus on educational, cultural and social development programs.


Designer Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Found Dead At St. Andrew Home

Well known fashion designer Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger was found dead at his home this evening according to reports.

It has been reported that the police were unable to indicate the possible cause of death, as they said Pottinger’s body was in a state of decomposition, which suggests that he was dead a day or more.

Investigators are still processing the scene.