3 cops held after allegedly kidnapping 15-y-o and demanding $2m ransom

Three police constables assigned to the Westmoreland Police Division were on Sunday taken into custody by members of the Major Organised Crime and Anti- Corruption Agency (MOCA), in connection with the kidnapping of a  15-year-old boy.

The cops allegedly demanded a ransom of $2 million for the release of the boy, who was held with an illegal firearm.

Reports are that about 10:00 pm Saturday night, the three policemen were conducting an operation along the Waterworks main road in the parish, when they searched passengers on a minibus.

The police held the 15-year-old who was allegedly found in possession of an illegal firearm.

The police officers reportedly held the teen for about 10 hours and called his parents demanding $2 million for his release.

The three were subsequently held by their colleagues.

J’can men not special in bed … survey finds they are no ‘bedroom bullies’

Much has been said about the prowess of Jamaican men, but a recent survey found that women are not convinced they are special in bed.

A recent Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll found that men are the ones who seem most convinced they are ‘bedroom bullies’.

According to the poll, 55 per cent of male respondents believe that they are better lovers when compared to men from other countries.

But of the women who responded to the survey, only three in 10 feel that Jamaican men are better lovers.

Some 44 per cent of women in the poll believe Jamaican men are either worse lovers or the same as men of other nationalities.

Pamela, a Jamaican woman who has had a Jamaican lover and one from another country, said both men performed at a similar level.

“The only thing say the foreign man was more romantic,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR. “Him like kiss up, kiss up and wine up and love go dung while di Jamaican man dem wi just come and do dem thing, but me prefer the Jamaicans still.”

Another Jamaican woman, who did not give her name, said she had a relationship with a foreigner for almost a year. She also said that she has been with a few Jamaican men, and said she preferred Jamaicans “because dem more natural”.

“The foreign man love oral sex and I don’t like that. Not everybody like it. The Jamaica man dem can do dem thing,” she said.

Sexologist Shelly-Ann Weeks said she is not surprised by the poll results, arguing that some women are trying to find pleasure while some men believe that they are in a competition.

“They talk about it (sex) as if it is something they are trying to win and so in a lot of their conversations, you don’t hear them talk about pleasing their partner. You will hear them say things like, ‘mi beat it up’ or ‘mi mash har up,” Weeks said.

Sandra, a Jamaican living in the Cayman Islands, said her experiences with Jamaican men in bed are at best forgettable.

“My most memorable and unforgettable sexual experiences have been with a foreigner from the Eastern Caribbean. He is very selfless. He caters to my sexual desire and takes pride in completely satisfying me. Sex is fun with him. It is never humdrum. We explore different positions, tactics and movements. Unfortunately, my experience with my Jamaican brothers is not comparable,” she said.

Sandra said Jamaican men come up short because “they do not spend time to understand my sexual desire and pay attention to my needs.”

“Their main objective tends to be getting an orgasm. They are not willing to explore and try new things,” she said.

Meanwhile, men and women have basically agreed that Jamaican women are better lovers than their female compatriots elsewhere in the world.

The survey found that 48 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women feel that Jamaican women are the best lovers.

Only 15 per cent of males had a dim view of the love-making skills of Jamaican women while 11 per cent of females feel that other women are better in bed.

Portia Simpson Responds To Tanya Stephens Calling Her An Embarrassment

Portia Simpson-Miller has broken her silence on Tanya Stephens taking jabs at her track record.

According to sources close to Miller, she’s shocked and found the post disheartening because she’s always been a fan of Stephens.

“Sista P really took the post to heart because she’s a fan of Tanya and always listens to her music…,” sources told The Tropixs. “She [Portia] found her [Tanya] empowering because of her story and how she remained strong and focused so it was a shame to see her tearing her down on social media for the world to see,” the sourced added.

Last week the female Dancehall/Reggae artiste labelled the retired PNP leader, and former Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller as an embarrassment.

The “Its A Pity” singer took to social media blasting those celebrating the retiring female politician’s career, labeling her as an “embarrassment” to Jamaica, and a leader of poor intelligence.

Stephens went on to compare the veteran leader to a “rapist” being congratulated for being a “good man,” and further branding her an awful human being, who she thoroughly satisfied was finally leaving the political scene.

The vocal female deejay would later delete the post after a barrage of fans and politicians blasted her for the comments, saying they were harsh and degrading words for one of Jamaica’s most important female figures.


Body of cop found in Portmore, St Catherine

The body of a policeman was found at a house in Greater Portmore, St Catherine on Monday.

The dead man has been identified as Kevin Thompson, a 40-year-old police constable, who was attached to the St Thomas Police Division.

Details as to what caused the death of the policeman are still not clear at this time but reports are that at about 5:30 pm, police were called to a house  in Greater Portmore.  During a search the partially decomposed  body of Thompson was found.

Police in St Thomas have since launched an investigation into the matter.

Thompson’s wife, who rushed to scene last night, was too distraught to speak.

One of Thompson’s colleagues, who said he knew the deceased for more than 21 years, described him as a “nice, nice person.

Investigations into the policeman’s death are being carried out by the St Catherine South Police Division.

UPDATE: Police recover AK-47 rifle, bike used in attack on funeral bus

Swift action by the St James police led to the recovery of an AK-47 rifle which is believed to be the weapon used to pepper a bus of passengers coming from a funeral, killing one woman and injuring four others Sunday evening.

The deceased has been identified as Jacqueline Bowen of a Sign, Irwin,  St James address.

Reports are that a bus was transporting mourners from a funeral in St James, when upon reaching a section of Sign district, in the parish, the vehicle came under heavy gunfire by two men riding a motorcycle.

Five passengers were shot and taken to hospital where Bowen was pronounced dead and the others admitted.

In a quick response, a police team gave chase to the bikers, who dropped the high powered rifle before making their escape in bushes, leaving the motorcycle behind.

The police have since launched a search for the killers.

The Adelphi police are investigating.


Police officer shot dead in Central Village

A police officer was shot dead in Central Village, St Catherine late Monday night.

The police constable, whose name is being withheld, was attached to the Mobile Reserve.

Reports reaching Loop News were that at about 9:05 pm, the cop, who was off duty at the time, was walking along Hamilton Drive in Central Village when he was attacked and shot.

Criminals who carried out the attack, it is reported, escaped from the area.

Residents who heard the explosions raised an alarm.

Police responded and, during a search of the area, the injured policeman was found.

He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

More details later.

PLEASE READ: If You Got A Missed Call From Poznan, Polish

HUNDREDS of Jamaicans are reporting that they received missed calls from Poznan, Polish over the weekend but why?

The calls are type of scam known as ‘Wangiri’ – when victims call the numbers back, they are charged big bucks, all of it going to the scammer.

So how does it work?

In order for mobile phone networks across different countries to communicate with each other, there is a system set up that processes the connections and also makes sure that any international charges are passed on to the person making the call, from the country the call was made to.

For example, if it costs you $2 to call a mobile in South Africa, this system makes sure the right amount of charges are billed to you for that international connection time.

What’s happened in this case is the fraudsters have compromised that system.

The fraudsters rely on you calling back that number – if you do, they pocket the cost per minute of that call.

‘Wangiri’ is a Japanese word meaning “one ring and cut”. The scam originated in Japan.

How to keep safe:

Once your number is targeted, it’s difficult to do a lot except wait until the scammers move on. So here are some top tips from Vodafone on how to keep yourself safe in the future.

Set a password (not something easy to guess like 1234) on your phone, laptop, or tablet and keep them locked when not in use. Never share your passwords or PIN numbers and make sure they’re not easy to guess. Set up a PIN for your voicemail, so only you can access it.

Be cautious with sharing personal information on social networking sites, like Facebook or chat rooms. If possible, remove your date of birth and address from your page. Ensure that you have adequate privacy settings for your Facebook profile.

Don’t give anyone your personal details, unless you’re very sure you know who they are. Just because someone says they’re from your bank doesn’t mean it’s true.

Watch out for phishing: where you get sent links online which might take you to a fake website. Do not open attachments sent to you from strange numbers, they might contain a virus.

Buying online? Make sure the site address starts with HTTPS. This means the website is secure and your personal details and credit card details will be kept secure.

Lost or stolen device? Hop onto a PC and change all your passwords of the apps that have auto logins, for example Facebook, Email, Twitter. This will prevent the person who picks up your device from accessing these apps and potentially hacking into your personal details

Think you’ve been the victim of a scam or fraud?

Contact your bank and put a stop on your credit card, tell your local police, and change the passwords and PIN on all your bank accounts. Get in touch with your telco provider immediately and let them know.

And don’t be embarrassed! These people make their living by fooling intelligent people. Make sure you let the appropriate people know immediately, rather than suffering in silence.

SOURCE: Newshub.

Person of Interest in custody for shooting death of Ocho Rios Man

A man wanted for questioning in the shooting death of a man in Pineapple Place in Ocho Rios in February, was captured during an operation by the police on Thursday, June 29.

The identity of the man is being withheld at this time to facilitate a question and answer session with him and also an identification parade.

The man, who police had been trying to locate for some months, was finally apprehended sometime between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. according to police sources.

Loop News understands that the man was being sought as a person of interest in the February 22 killing of 44-year-old Leslie Burgher, alias ‘Burger’ of Pineapple Place, St Ann and of David Lane in Portland.

It is alleged that at about 3 a.m. that night, residents heard explosions and called the police.

The body of Burgher was then found with several gunshot wounds in his Grey Toyota Corolla motorcar in a yard.

In a story that Loop News had tracked earlier this year, some residents of Pineapple Place, who spoke to Loop News on the basis of their identity being withheld, said that Burgher had recently received money from an insurance claim.

Burgher had been involved in an accident years ago and they believe that this money may have been the cause of his death.

However, police sources said at the time that while they had heard of those allegations, they wee unable to confirm a motive into Burgher’s death.

Burgher was reportedly sleeping at nights in the Grey Toyota Corolla motorcar he recently purchased.

He was building a house in a squatter area in Pineapple Place, but the house was not yet complete.

Residents had described Burgher as a hard working man, who did not deserve his gruesome death.

FEATURED IMAGE – Leslie Burgher, man shot dead in his car in Ocho Rios on February 22, 2017.