Lisa Hanna Advises Chronixx After His Controversial ‘Waste Man’ Statement (Video)

Popular reggae artiste Chronixx has put himself in a bit of hot water after he made a controversial statement on social media.

The Instagram post which has been removed coincided with the visit of US president Barack Obama to Jamaica and seemed to imply that the entertainer was referring to the POTUS as a ‘waste man’.

This is what Chronixx Posted:

“This man … Still have criminal record on the United States and we glorifying some waste man! This man was hunted and imprisoned by our Jamaican government … who some years later, paved a peaceful and safe path for the US president to address as a … “race of good for nothing’s”. That’s why black faces don’t mean anything to rasta anymore”

A few months ago Chronixx also seemingly ruffled the feathers of Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna with his use of the words ‘dumb government‘ in another social media post.

See what the Minister had to say about the artiste in this recent video produced by The Gleaner.

Watch: President Obama Holds a Town Hall with Young Leaders

The US President will attend a town hall meeting with young leaders from the Caribbean region at the University of the West Indies in less than an hour. Watch below.

Obama will then attend a wreath laying ceremony for World Wars I and II veterans at Heroes Circle. He is scheduled to leave the island later this afternoon.

VIDEO: Obama arrives in Mona

Jamaicans cheered as US President Barack Obama’s convoy drove along Mona Road in St Andrew towards the University of the West Indies, where the president is scheduled to hold a youth town hall forum.

Three “Beasts”-looking town car limos passed by, but no one was completely sure which one was carrying the POTUS. Some believed it was the one with the Jamaican and American flags on the front.

Which one do you think?

See video below.

VIDEO: Final touches for Obama

The final touches on beautification and road works in Kingston, in preparation for the visit of United States President Barack Obama, were underway on Tuesday, a mere 24 hours before Air force One touches down on the tarmac of the Norman Manley International Airport.

See video below

Jamaica’s homemade swimming pool

Jamaicans are so talented BUT who knew they have what it takes to build two massive swimming pools from scratch?

This video dives in the making of the pools and the raving of the after party.

You have never seen Jamaica like this before.

The beauty of Jamaica can be seen in many different ways. It is not often you come across an artistic expression of something you know and love and it blows you away. This time lapse video captures the small Caribbean island in a way you may have never seen before even if you have experience Jamaica. Nature is beautiful and its exhibited here for you to bask in its glory.

From the creator:

Immerse yourself in an epic journey through Jamaican mountains and stary nights. The geography and landscape of Jamaica is fascinating and diverse, the rolling green mountains, lush jungle and careening waterfalls makes this country amazingly beautiful.

It was such a joy to shoot this project, many sleepless nights and long editing hours helped this film see the light of day. I am so stoked to share it with you all. This film is a reel of some of my favourite shots I took while in Jamaica. This is my second time-lapse film, and while I am excited on the progressions since Beautiful BC, I am still looking into the future and what the next project may hold.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and helped me pull this project off, I would not have been able to do it without you all. Special thanks to Stephen Anderson for letting me use your beautiful track, “Turn My Crimson Into Wine.”

Check out Stephen Anderson’s music at

Consider following and checking out my work at

(Must Watch) Video: Jamaicans love marijuana so much

How much does Jamaican’s loves marijuana and is their “weed” as good as they say and sing about it?

For the first time in its 12 year history, the Stepping High Festival is publicly announcing its exhibition of fine herbs and celebration of the farmers across the island who produce one of Jamaica’s most valuable assets. Invitation is extended to all to attend this one-of-a-kind ganja competition displaying the rich variety of Jamaica’s natural strains.

While Rastafarians have been edifying worldwide the benefits of the sacramental herb, and reggae artists have carried the plants liberation message to the Four Corners, ganja remains illegal in its global “homeland.”

Ganja grows on an estimated 37,066 acres across the island, Jamaica is the premiere Caribbean supplier of marijuana to the US, yet ironically the US is progressively ahead of Jamaica in legalization. Twenty seven states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana or decriminalized marijuana possession–or both, signaling a clarion call affirming the peoples choice.

Bring Back Our Old Jamaica Says This Jamaican Man [VIDEO]

Most Jamaicans home and abroad love Jamaica no matter how much they complain about the problems facing the country. But I have never heard someone plead for Jamaica of yesterday as this Jamaican man, Wayne ” GreatWall ” Fletcher.

He is asking all Jamaicans to bring back Jamaica to the days of “Glory”. He says if we go back to the past Jamaica where Jamaicans look out for each other, we would be a better country. As he pleads his case for a more united Jamaica, he makes the case for the greatness of the Jamaican people.

Here is his video below:

This Jamaican Coconut Man Has The Skills of A Swordsman

See the swordsman-like skills this Jamaican coconut man has as he puts on a show for hiscustomers while chopping coconuts with his machete.

See the swordsman-like skills this Jamaican coconut man has as he puts on a show for hiscustomers while chopping coconuts with his machete.