CLAPBACK: Richie Feelings Calls Skatta A 40-y-o ‘Virgin,’ Skatta Responds

There is never a dull moment when entertainers in the industry can step away from the tension and negative vibration to poke some fun at each other.

This comes in the form of popular dancehall selector Richie Feelings having a go a DownSound Records producer Skatta Burrel when he uploaded a picture of Skatta’s face on Instagram next to three condoms calling him a “40-year-old virgin.”

“Somebody talk to da 40 year old vergin ya ##go get u children an stop mek u yute dem fight ina u back” Richie Feelings captioned beside the picture which also reads “After 3 rounds. You gotta sleep with your kids. Rest up little ones. You did good.” See picture below:

Not to be outdone Skatta claps back with an image of the female that was seen with the cutlas beating the girl in the video, however, he attached Richie Feelings face to the body.

“WARNING!!!! Be on the look out for this individual. Sources say he was last seen wilding a Cutlass is supposedly mentally challenged.?????” Skatta captioned

Hope you enjoy the banter. …Which Team are you on Skatta or Richie?