Did You Know That Ackee leaf tea, Best Treat For Asthma

Ackee leaf tea is a traditional herbal tea that some Jamaicans and others in the West Indies consume for various ailments. The health benefits include the remedy for flu, colds as well as mucous congestion. It is also good to treat asthma by adding lime or lemon juice to the tea. Ackee leaves tea may also be used for stomach conditions and the bark may also be used for stomach conditions as well.

Can you believe that the ackee skin or pods may be used to make natural soap? It sure can because it is good to treat infections of the skin. Also, the unfit ackee was cut in half in the past and was utilized as soap to wash clothes.

Using the leaves as poultice and to keep away flies

Finding itself among the herbs list, it can be used as a poultice by baking the leaves in hot ashes and then placed them on sprains, pains and also swellings. As a mouthwash, combine the tea with salt and used for pyorrhea and other gum ailments.

I personally use the ackee leaves to keep away flies from my kitchen by placing a small branch on the kitchen table.