Fans React To Marvin The Beast Feeding Homeless Woman

Marvin The Beast is finally doing some good however no one doesn’t seem to care.

The controversial Dancer uploaded a video on his Instagram account on Friday which shows him feeding a homeless woman whom he frequently uses as his dancing partner.

“I love my J.O.B??????This is dancehall life the new version of Dancehall I said it already,” The beast captioned the video.

“And I’m going to say it again I am the new face of dancehall the beast the beast the beast the beast I love this old lady so much she is 84 God a God ????????????????????????big up to the queen?,” he added.

However while many have since lauded his actions, others say it’s just another publicity stunt and Marvin is just looking to revamp his raunchy image.

“That’s the least you can do after you have him up and down like some animal,” one user wrote.

“And? i don’t buy into this he’s just doing this for attention and likes its not coming form his heart, just another publicity stunt.”

“It’s part of the entertainment… I wouldnt read too deep in it …,” another wrote.

“Black ppl mentality ? can’t please them …..negativity drowning them.,” another user wrote defending the dancer. “What if that was her first meal in days smh think about that gezas mon.”

While others didn’t care if it was another stunt as long as good is being done, “We need more of this. No matter how small, it is good. Even if for the spotlight, still good and someone is being aided. #GoodExampleAnyways.”