Farm worker caught travelling on brother’s passport for decades

A 63-year-old farm worker who had been using his brother’s passport to travel for over 30 years and renewed it twice was fined $340,000 when he appeared in court.
Errol Brown of Clonmel, St Mary was fined $120,000 or six months each on two counts of obtaining a passport by false means and $50,000 or 60 days on two counts of making a false declaration after he pleaded guilty to the charges.
The court heard that Brown’s brother, who is in the United States, applied for and was given a passport in 1983. Brown then assumed his brother’s identity and used the passport to travel.
The court also heard that he renewed the passport in 1999 and in 2009. However, in 2015 Brown’s brother applied to renew his passport via the Consulate General of Jamaica. It was then discovered that someone else had been using the passport, hence a stop order was placed on the document.

In November 2016, Brown arrived in Jamaica from Canada and was arrested and charged.
When cautioned he told the police: “A just time catch up on mi; mi know wat mi did was wrong.”
Last Friday, before Brown was sentenced by Parish Judge Pettigrew-Collins, he begged for leniency

“It was a decision taken by my parents to use the passport and it is something I regret and I am asking the court to have mercy one me,” a remorseful Brown said.