Missy Elliot’s new found glow

Greasy, sweet and salty food are always tbe most prefferable option. When it comes to eating healthy,It’s never easy staying on the straight and narrow. Drinking only wated can at times be a bummer. But the benefits of eating healthy outweigh all of that. And being more cognizant of the foods you consume is important when you have to deal with certain health issues.

For Missy Elliott, she has Graves’ disease, and while eating or not eating certain kinds of food alone won’t allow you to avoid symptoms of the illness, it can help you take care of a body that’s already going through a lot.

So the 46-year-old rapper has been drinking nothing but water over the last few months when it comes to liquids, and has also been staying away from bread. According to Missy, the results have been great, as she as make changes the what she intake.

She proudly stated that it’s been 4 months and she have only drank water no other juices or soda & she also mentioned thst she had cut out bread & it was the hardest part for her. She also stated that she have never been awater drinker but this have helped her skin.

She is now planing to moving away from junk food, which will definately be a hard step to take “NOW the other thing if I can only cut out JUNK FOOD, sh-t that’s my weakness,” she said. “But if I can give up those other things I’ll fight that to! Maybe two cupcakes a month.”

This was definately not the first time Elliott has been able to change her diet. Around the time that she put out the Under Construction album in 2002, she lost 70 pounds by changing her habits. She transformed again in 2014, losing 30 pounds by eating healthy and working out to Shaun T’s T25 workout videos. But small changes, as Elliott proves this time around, can go a long way.