Tony Matterhron Still Wants To Be The Father Despite The DNA Results Says Mr. Vegas

Former reggae/dancehall artiste turned Christian Mr. Vegas has revealed that Tony Mattheron gave him his word that he still wants to be apart of his daughter’s life and continue to be her dad despite the DNA result.

The Iconic Dancehall selector (Tony Matterhorn) got some devastating news recently after being taken to family court by one of his baby mothers in New York.

According to disc jock/producer Foota Hype, the judge revealed that the ‘Tony Matterhorn ’ isn’t the biological father of his 3-year-old daughter following a DNA Test.

However, painful and devasting the news was to Matterhorn it seems he has shaken it off and made a decision to continue playing the father role.

“I talk to Matterhorn and he told me that he still wants to be that child father because that child know him as her father.” Said Vegas

See video below: