You Will Be Amazed How this Couple Cure Their Daughter Eczema

Written By   Shae Phelon
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My husband (Antonio Neal) and I started changing the way we eat over 2 months ago. My daughter overheard us talking about it and wondered if eating right would help her eczema. We had tried everything from Olive Leaf, to Olive Oil, creams and more creams to get rid of the eczema, but nothing worked. When he and I decided to stop eating processed foods and sugar…to our surprise, she wanted to join us! Here are her before and after pictures of eczema on her arms. The first 2 picture are 2 months before we started the elimination of processed foods and sugar. The last 2 pictures are the result…Wow. She is still in disbelief herself.

Jamyah news

She is more determined than ever now to be a Vegan. Having lived with eczema for this long, she was fed up with it. Once we educated her about what fruits and veggies would do for her body, she said, “Let’s do this, because I’m tired of scratching all day and all night.” (As well as the cracked skin, the bleeding, the sores, and the hives, etc…) Parents, we gotta help our children. There are harmful things going on in our children’s bodies, and some we can’t even see. Let’s help our children live, not only, long lives, but healthy quality lives. We can DO it. Antonio Neal Music

*UPDATE* – The foods I fed my daughter to get rid of her eczema.

I thought it would be beneficial to put a small list of things we did here. Reminder: some adults and children have food allergies, so just be mindful of those. If there is something on my list that you’re allergic to, google an alternative if you can’t think of any. Google helped me find cool things to cook for the meals. (Most all these meals were sprinkled with Flaxseed…the finely ground ones. And the foods were cooked in Grape seed Oil, and I only used Sea Salt and Pepper) ULTIMATELY: It was about what we stopped feeding her, the stuff I mentioned in the “previous post”: the processed foods, red meats, dairy, and unnatural sugars. Here are some ideas, hopefully, they will inspire you with some ideas as well. Those who have great meal ideas and recipes…PLEASE POST THEM. Thanks! wink emoticon

(1) Turkey or meatless meat sausage, egg (or egg white), vegan Muenster cheese (we love this cheese as you can tell) and Spinach on Ezekiel bread or whole grain english muffin sandwich.Jamyah news

(2) An Omelet (or egg whites) with vegan cheese, spinach or kale, and tomato

(3) Ezekiel toast, watermelon, apples, Turkey or meatless sausage

(1) Grilled vegan cheese sandwich with Ezekiel or Whole grain or (sometimes) Rye bread filled with kale or spinach

(2) Spinach and kale salad with salmon (or without salmon), grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, dried cranberries, etc. (whatever live food you want to put in it)

(3) Meatless chicken tenders with a small salad. Strawberries, apples, or plums on the side.

(1) Grilled salmon with lightly grilled asparagus (I recommend not cooking veggies until they are limp, you kill the nutrients)

(2) Meatless Chicken Patty or Lean Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich on a healthy bread with a slice of vegan cheese and some spinach. Cucumber slices on the side

(3) Spaghetti noodles made from Quinoa or Spelt, and a healthy tomato sauce, with Ezekiel bread sprinkled with Onion salt and small spinach salad

Seeded Grapes
Quinoa Chips
Purple carrots (if you can find them)